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Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant provide treated pine poles, construction timbers and other timber product through to fence pickets.

Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant starts with raw product and through various treatment processes, value adds to timber products.

These treatment processes allow for the retail, trade and wholesale purchase of pine logs, posts and sawn timber to be available to everyone from large retail outlets to the home handyman.

The co-directors of Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant Pty Ltd, John & Luke Olarenshaw, have operated the business since 1992.

At the time of purchase there was no post peeling plant & only one cylinder for CCA treatment.

Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant upgraded its peeling operations to provide a larger range and volume of pine post products to better cater to the agricultural, viticultural, construction and other related industries.

As a result of amended procedures within the treated timber industry, Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant chose to offer another option to the traditional CCA treatment, by commissioning an ACQ treatment plant which allows the use of treated timber in more sensitive environments.

The company has now expanded its operations with the installation of a further two treatment cylinders. One cylinder is used solely for ACQ treatment processing, while the other two are used for CCA treatment processing up to H6 marine standard. Due to the nature of the chemicals used in the process of timber treatment, our treatment process is performed under very strict guidelines.

In 2004 Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant branched out by purchasing the well established timber business of Fishers, Korumburra, situated on the South Gippsland Highway, at Korumburra, Victoria.

Alberton Timber & Treatment Plant Pty Ltd, located on the South Gippsland Highway at Alberton, Victoria is a family owned & operated business. As such we are able to offer more personalized service and advice to all our existing and future clients.

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